Health Testing

Health testing is a very important part of our breeding program here at MV Boxers. All of our dogs are fully health tested at the age appropriate time before breeding; with the minimum health tests of heart echocardiogram, heart holter test, hip xrays, degenerative mylopathy, and spondylosis.

Raw Food Diet

Here at Mt Valley Boxers we feed a raw food diet. Please contact us with any questions about this type of diet.


Boxer Coat Colors

There are three genetic coat colors of boxers; fawn, brindle, and white. Fawn and brindle are the base coats. The white gene controls whether a boxer is plain, flashy or white.

The White Boxer

There many myths out there about the white boxer. "White boxers are all deaf." "White boxers all have health problems." The truth is white boxers do not have a much higher percentage of deafness (overall deafness 7% vs white boxers 9%) nor do they have more health problems then their colored siblings. Deafness is caused by lack of pigmentation in the boxer's ears. European boxers tend to have better pigmentation than the American boxers.

Reverse, Sealed, and Black Boxers

Reverse boxers are brindle boxers with more black in their coat than fawn, I prefer to call them dark brindle. Sealed are brindle that you cannot see any fawn in their coat. There is no such thing as a genetically, black boxer as the base coats are fawn and brindle. Here at Mt Valley Boxers we will never have sealed or black boxers.